Do you have a bar and looking for the most professional ways to manage and chill your beverages? No worries!

There are several different types of beer fridges available in the market. One of the most popular beer fridges that are used on a commercial level is the back bar cooler. The best thing about the back bar coolers is that they are an excellent use of back bar space. These coolers are mostly placed in the cabinets that are present in the back bar space.

Back Bar bottle coolers are very useful. They can be found in almost all restaurants, Bars, and cafes. They are used for keeping the drinks chilled and cool for the customers. These coolers can be found in many sizes.

They can easily be fitted into small places, so they are beneficial when saving space.

Glass Door Back Bar Cooler

Back Bar Coolers

There is wide variety of back bar coolers available in the market. If you want your drinks to be displayed for the customers then you can choose the Glass Door Back Bar Coolers. The glass door back bar coolers with thermal doors or triple pane glass are a very efficient and excellent choice for your business.

Glass Door Back Bar  Coolers provide an attractive view of the displayed items – be they bottles or cans. It looks attractive and stylish. Available in standard height glass doors, either One, Two and Three Display Glass Doors.

Back Bar Display Bottle Fridge is ideal for bar front service. The external evaporator offers more internal space, saving re-stocking time and maximizing selling time.
Sleek classic design provides the perfect refrigerator choice for any traditional or modern style of bars. Perfect for bars, clubs, restaurant bars, and personal or domestic usage. You can also keep things on the shelf of the bar cooler.

Examples of Back Bar Cooler with Glass Doors

Back Bar Cooler with Single Door
Back Bar Cooler With Triple Door
Glass 2 Door Under Counter Cooler With Side Cooling -Black
Stainless Steel Back Bar Cooler with Double Door

Examples of Stainless Steel Back Bar Coolers with Side Ventilation

Stainless Steel Back Bar Cooler- Double Door With Side Cooling
Stainless Steel Back Bar Cooler- Triple Door With Side Cooling

Solid Door Back Bar Cooler

Apart from Glass Door Coolers, there are also Solid Back-Bar Coolers. If you just need the cooler for storage and do not wish to display your collection then this is a better option for you.

It fits easily under any countertop area and covers an adequate area. It comes with a black exterior Dual door, it is easy to store and place foodstuffs and beverages in the coolers. It is simple to maintain ice-cold draft beer, making serving your visitors more convenient.

Krome‘s Solid Under Counter Cooler is made with 100% stainless steel with a solid door, simple to store, simply to maintain draft beer, snack bars, concession stands, pizzerias, and sandwich restaurants, it provides you with clean and clear counter area to deal with your clients.

You can keep things on the shelf of the bar cooler.

Solid Door Back Bar Cooler

Example of  Solid Door Back Bar Coolers

Solid Under Counter Cooler -2 Door With Side Cooling -Black
Solid Under Counter Cooler-3 Door With Side Cooling -Black