Krome Dispense provides you with a wide range of Bar accessories to make your bar experience even better. We Deal in Cocktail Shakers, Jiggers, Designer Bottle openers, Interlocking Mats, and Beer Sampling trays to give an extra glimpse to your Bar and restaurants.

Interlocking Shelf Mats

A must-have Bar Accessory – INTERLOCKING MATS

Krome Dispense Interlocking Bar mats are the most versatile way to keep your bar clean and safe. This Bar mat features diamond-shaped cutouts that boast even airflow for sanitary drying and safe storing of your glassware. From bars and restaurants to coffee shops and cafes, these interlocking mats increase the overall sanitation and safety of your serving area.

  • Interlocking pattern and simple to cut to furnish any counter-frame. Rubber Bar Mat is Ideal for lining racks and tables. Interlocking sides to quickly connect with other mats. The drainage holes provide liquid and waste to move into, making this rubber matting simple to clean and stain-resistant giving a clean, dry, and secure work area
  • The versatility of this rubber bar mat gives it great for practically any situation. Minimize chipping of glassware Light-weight and color stable. Available in Black Color
  • Rubber Bar Mats for Glasses with Raised Base for Quick Drying
  • Suitable for Coffee Machine, Bars, Dining Tables, Kitchens, and Litter Box Mats for all your mat needs
  • This product can better protect their most important bar utensils and keep the bar counter clean
  • Easy to clean, Can also be washed in the dishwasher
  • It is easy to store, roll and placed anywhere.
  • Made with durable, heavy-duty, and Non-slip material that keeps glasses and dishware in place. Also, They have a soft texture to grip and hold wet glasses securely.
interlocking mats

Versatile in Nature

Easy-to-use snap-fit design, allowing you to customize this mat to put coverage on any surface you like. Its interlocking capability also allows you to connect this mat with other bar mats of the same type


It is made of non-skid thermoplastic rubber material that ensures glassware is in place while being stored on counters or shelves.


Length 6 Inches
Width  6 Inches
Color Black
Material Rubber
Thickness 1/2 Inches
Type Bar/Cafe Mats
Connectable Yes
Standard Packing 24 Pieces/pack