Solution for Beer Packaging

Solution for Beer Packaging


Solution for Beer Packaging is the way where you can take your beer anywhere with the help of  kegs. The packaging of beer is a crucial step in both its production and distribution. We are all aware that beer can be stored in different kegs. Here we will discuss all

1. Stainless Steel Kegs:

Krome Dispense is a largest manufacturing unit which produces kegs using the highest quality materials with different capacities and sizes for your Commercial or Home Brew Beer System, which are more usable for Beer Packaging.  A single stainless steel keg can be used for 30years and is 100% recyclable when not in use.
Krome Kegs are made with Stainless Steel 304 Material which provides unrivaled hygiene standards. These Kegs protect your beer from UV rays, airborne pollutants, and corrosion. You can store your beer for a long time and these kegs are more usable on special occasions like parties, wedding functions and so on.

Additionally, there is another way to store your beer for a long time and that is another type of keg, which is known as Ball Lock Kegs.These are the most popular choices for homebrew. Our ball lock kegs are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are mainly used as beer kegs.  Ball Lock Keg is made of heavy duty Stainless Steel.It comes with a rubber bottom and a top metal strap handle.

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Available in Different Sizes:


3. One-way PET Kegs

Moreover, the launched Krome One-way PET Keg is also cheaper and the best way to store your Beer. This is a unique Solution beer Packaging which can explain through the construction’s light weight, which results in less material use during production and also saves on keg logistics and recyclable materials. Filling this out manually is possible and is simple. Krome One-way PET Keg  is easy to handle. This comes in various sizes and is suitable for use in restaurants, bars, and pubs.

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