Solution for Beverage Packaging


Krome One-way PET Kegs is a solution of Beverage Packaging for the Microbrewery and Craft Beer Industry. As Draught breweries’ supply is becoming more global, for this Opens up new markets in any part of the world, lowers significant costs and initial capital investments in steel kegs, ensures taste, and is environmentally beneficial. As PET kegs can be filled, sent, and recycled when empty, reducing expensive transportation and cleaning processes, they have a more affordable total cost for use than steel kegs. Hence, saving 40% on supply chain expenses when compared to steel, as well as reducing the expensive administrative and deposit systems required to maintain a steel keg fleet.

You can serve

Beer | Wine | Soda | Coffee | Water | Sparkling Water | Tea’s | Cocktails | Mocktails

Innovative Solutions:

  • A unique solution for the beer industry was developed using current polymer engineering.
  • For our new products, we need a packaging option that met our sustainability standards while also protecting their quality and flavor.
  • The high level of barrier characteristics extends the beer’s shelf life as good as in steel kegs.

What Makes Our Kegs Unique

Sustainable & Cost Effective

One-way kegs have a significantly lower environmental impact than stainless steel returnable kegs because they are completely recyclable. This is a Unique Solution of Beverage Packaging which can be explained by the construction’s light weight, which results in less material being used during production and also saves on keg logistics and recyclable materials.

Practical and adaptable

Krome One-way PET Kegs innovative design makes it simple to use. Kegs Have have Plastic Carrier Handle so anyone can handle these kegs right away to their clever design, shape. Additionally, they are simple to fill using automatic or semi-automatic filling equipment, and beverage manufacturers can manually fill them as well using a specialized filling head. Krome is also compatible with existing dispensing systems in restaurants, bars, and pubs at the opposite end of the supply chain.

Safe & easy in use

When it comes to Krome One-way PET Kegs , which complies with the strictest safety requirements, quality and safety go hand in hand. Can be use to bring your beer, cider, and wine anywhere around the world. The Technology ensures maximum safety during handling, transport and storage. Also there is no need for cleaning detergents.

Solution for Bulk Beverage Packaging