Back Bar Coolers – Smart Series

Glass Door Bar fridge aka Backbar refrigerator

Krome Back Bar coolers are manufactured and designed to Store all your beer Pints, 66o ml Bottles, or Beer/beverage cans.

In commercial market jargon its called by names bb1, bb2, bb3

BB1 means back bar cooler with one door

BB2 means Back bar cooler with two doors

BB3 means back bar cooler with three doors

this back bar has double-layered glass so it remains frost free and the bartender and customers can see through the glass to check

which brand of beer on stock and available for service.

Kromedispense back bar coolers went through rigorous test measures for energy efficiency and cooling performance which make our cooler the only energy-efficient back bar cooler in the Indian market.

Glassdoor commercial refrigeration is backed up by 3 years warranty.