Instant Glass Froster Chiller

SKU: C7014

Dry Ice Glass Froster, Glass Instant Chiller

Dry Ice Glass Froster is a professional device to freeze your glasses super fast. The glasses receive a nice layer of ice which creates a surprise effect and a delicious ice cold drink!

  • CO2 Tanks Connector Type: CGA320.
  • Recommend to work with a CO2 canister with a DIP TUBE to take liquid gas from the bottom to achieve the best frosting effect.
  • Cools at least 125 glasses with a 4L CO2 canister based on 7 seconds each glass.
  • You must never release the nut from the gas tube without having closed the gas entry of the pipe and having discharged it pressure.

Features :

  • No more waiting for ice cold glasses! Eliminate the problem of warm glasses, adding ice cold flavor to drinks such as beer, wine, cocktail, champagne, liquor, etc.
  • Simply mount this instant glass cooler on the table or counter, connect CO2 tank and ready to go.
  • Fast and effecient way to make sparkling water or champagne or soda, as it contains the carbon dioxide keeping the drinks fizzy.
  • Hygienic, as the glasses will also be sterilized in the cooling process
  • LED blue light when mixed with the mist generated by the dry ice when it sublimates would create a fancy atmosphere.