Ecoline – C Kegerator with One Tap


Ecoline – C Kegerator With One Tap

Full-Size Ecoline – C Kegerator with Digital Display is the way to drink the best precious beer. Ecoline – C Kegerator will change the way you drink beer at home. Krome Dispense’s Home kegerators provide a spacious cabinet, precise temperature controls, and high-quality design and Manufacturing Standards.

Kegerators with Digital Display

Home Kegerator does not need to be switched on every time. An easy-to-read control panel allows you to adjust and monitor temperature settings anytime, ensuring that your beer remains cold and fresh. You can see the visible temperature reading in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit in our Home kegerator Design series.

Kegerator Space is all matters

To store beer, Kegs needs large space and space is all matters. We gave a spacious large freezer compartment where you can store one 50 litres or two 20 litre kegs easily. If there is vacant space after placing kegs into the kegerator, you can use the space by placing your beer bottles for a chilling process for the after-party or outdoors.

To increase the inside space of the kegerator, you can install CO2 cylinder at the back of the kegerator. For this, you only need to attach the regulator and CO2 hose pipe with Cylinder at the back of the compartment.

There are many options available in size and tower according to your preference.

Kegerator Broucher

Note: Power supply can change According to their Country Standards.

  • Easy Setup -“Just Plug n Play”
  • Accommodates up to 50 liters beer kegs
  • Smooth heavy duty Castors
  • Food Grade NSF approved Clear beer tubing
  • Size: 47” × 24 1/4” × 24”(H x D x W). Height includes tower w/o handle, 3 liters CO2 Cylinder included – This cylinder will store enough Carbon dioxide to serve 4 – 5 kegs
  • Back Compartment for Co2 Cylinder.
  • Digital Display for temperature readings in Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit