Evaporator for Ice Cube Machine

SKU: C7895.08

Evaporator for Ice Cube Machine- C7895.08

Ice Evaporator: A flow type evaporator is an important part of flow type ice machine accessories. The water from the circulating water pump flows evenly from the top through the branch pipe into the ice grid,plastic frame,water pipe,skating bracket, and so on. Mainly utilized for quick cycle ice production in household and commercial. This evaporator can use for our ice cube machine- C7895


  • Material- Electroless Nickel
  • Mostly utilized for quick cycle ice production in domestic and commercial ice machines.
  • It is made of copper by welding and has the benefit of heat exchange.
  • In the back of ice board, it is using “D” tube or ellipse tube connection to enlarge the interface area of evaporator and ice board, so it can enhance the efficiency of heat exchanging, shorten the time of ice making and ice dropping and improve the ice making capacity and ice cube quality.