KR-115V-290 Beer Cooler(Without Coils- Max 4 Coils)

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KR-115V-290Beer Cooler(Without Coils- Max 4 Coils)

Krome KR-115V-134 Beer Cooler is a without coils beer cooler. Maximum 4 coils can use as the customer’s requirement to dispense 4 beer flavors. This type of Refrigerant uses less energy and offers better beer cooling performance and is a part of the Krome Greenovation program.

The Ice bank beer chiller is manufactured by using European components and the latest in production methods, our beer ice banks are specifically designed for tropical weather conditions. Beer coils use to ensure the beer is dispensed at the optimum temperature


Ice bank formed in a water tank of the machine and helps to cool the beer coils and beer itself within coils.