Krome Commercial Kegerator- With Tower


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Krome Commercial Kegerator – With Tower

Krome Commercial Kegerator holds 1 to 4 beer kegs of 50 liters and 2 to 16 Beer kegs of 20 liters. Just Plug-in and play, no need to worry about extra installations. Commercial Kegerators have Big refrigeration  Cabin and it is made of All Metal inside and outside. Insulated and Protected switches are used and have led lights inside the kegerator so that you can see under low lights.

It Comes with Guaranteed Extra Space with Eco-Friendly Forced Air Circulation Blower Technology. Through it, the air can also circulate in refrigeration chamber and as well as Beer tower Column which reduces Beer foam and maximizes Flavors with profit. The temperature you can Control in Commercial Kegerator is 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.

Krome Understands… what’s Commercial Stands.

Krome Commercial Kegerator has to face Many loading and unloading of Heavy kegs so it Should be very Rough and Tough. So that we First understand how things work Commercially and then start thinking and designed to that specific needs. That is why we made Kegerator with Heavy Duty metal not from Outside only it is done work very well From inside also. like Doors and cabins are metal From the front and Back as well as Cabin also. We research that Button is the most common problem in Commercial Kegerators so we Provide an extra insulation Cap that increases the life of the Button and Keeps you safe from Current when your hands Wet. Provide extra lighting to see What is Inside the Keg in Cabin.

Kegerators with Digital Display

An easy-to-read control panel allows you to adjust and monitor temperature settings anytime, ensuring that your beer remains cold and fresh. You can see the visible temperature reading in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit in our Home kegerator Design series. You can see the Present temperature inside kegerators. According to Needs, Commercial Beer Dispenser is control through buttons up to 0 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.

Kegerator Space is all matters

To store beer, Kegs needs large space and space is all matters. We gave a spacious large freezer compartment where you can store 50 liters or 20-liter kegs easily. If there is vacant space after placing kegs into the kegerator, you can use the space by placing your beer bottles for a chilling process for the after-party or outdoors. Krome Commercial Kegerator Contains racks with inbuilt Rack Brackets so you can use it as a storage unit where you can easily place Beer Bottles or any other beverage you want. The Forced Air circulation blower sign appear seen on display when it turns on.

Krome Commercial Kegerator with Security

There are lock-in Commercial kegerator Doors. Now you don’t need to worry About beer Theft and no one can easily reach your kegerators beer without Keys. There are different doors have different Locks so that, you can lock and unlock the doors Separately.

There are many options available in size and tower according to your preference.

Kegerator Broucher

Kegerator Broucher


Note: Power supply can change According to their Country Standards.

  • Easy Setup -“Just Plug n Play”
  • Accommodates up to 50 liters beer kegs
  • Smooth heavy-duty Castors (Wheels) with all Kegerators.
  • Food Grade NSF approved Clear beer tubing
  • Height includes tower w/o Tap handle, 3 liters CO2 Cylinder included(Not Included With All Models) – This cylinder will store enough Carbon dioxide to serve 4 – 5 kegs
  • Digital Display for temperature readings in Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit