Solid Under Counter Cooler -2 Door With Side Cooling -Black

SKU: C2688

Solid Under Counter Cooler -2 Door With Side Cooling -Black


The Back Bar Cooler is the need of every bar, restaurant and commercial kitchens.

It fits easily under any counter top area, covers adequate area. It comes with black exterior Dual door, it is easy to store and place foodstuffs and beverages in the coolers. It simple to maintain ice-cold draft beer, making serving your visitors more convenient.

Krome ‘s Solid 2 Door Under Counter Cooler made with 100% stainless steel with solid door, simple to store simple to maintain  draft beer , snack bars, concession stands, pizzerias, sandwich restaurants, it provides you clean and clear counter area to deals with yours clients.

The Krome’s Stainless Steel Back bar cooler is ideal for any restaurant, bar, or nightclub. Self-closing glass swing doors give improved product visibility, allowing you to quickly monitor your current drink or component choices for fast drink creation.

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  • Made with 100% stainless steel.
  • Self closing door.
  • With 2 Door convenient for storage purpose.
  • With  Stunning Black Exterior.
  • Integrated handle for easy door opening
  • Stable operation at an ambient temperature of 44 degrees Celsius
  • Automatic: Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • With Adjustable legs
  • With lock system