SPULBOY Bench and Table Top Glass Washer

SKU: C40002


SPULBOY Bench and Table Top Glass Washer

Supulboy glass washer is just like the C40001 but with an enclosed rinse arm. Clean and rinse all your drinkware quickly and in one sink. Uses no electricity and less water than traditional methods of glass washing.

Perfect washing performance with cold water! They won’t broke the glass and could clean any type of stain easily and clearly! Supulboy glass washer is very easy to drain, clean and hygienic. Supulboy glass washer installs easily into with no plumbing or electrical modifications needed and reduces your operating costs by only using cold water for wash and rinse. Keep your Bottle glass cup clean by locating the cleaner next to your espresso machine. In addition  it Saves lots of water and time. It has capability to cleans both sides of the glass at once as well as those hard to reach areas. Its Flexible bristles remove any type of stubborn dirt and longer life.

Furthermore, this machine is equipped with the features of a glass-washer, dryer, and cabinet, making taking care of your glasses and can clean all kinds of glassware wine cups,coffee cups, beer players, coffee pots, pitchers.

In conclude, it is a Perfect cleaning tool for every bar or kitchen.

Other options are also available


  • Enclosed rinse arm
  • Clean water rinse for each glass
  • For noncommercial use