Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer

SKU: C4065


Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer for Sink with Suction Cup Base Kitchen

Triple brush system consisting of two short brushes and one long brush that is perfect for cleaning all kinds of glass sinks.

Triple Brush System is used for Quick Operations and Cleans Inside and outside of Glassware at one time. Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer features a positive suction base to firmly attach to your sink. This brush makes washing your bar glasses quick and easy.


  • Triple brushes with bottom suction for quick cleaning.
  • Brushes can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Medium Hard Bristles to ensure remove stubborn dirt and marks on Glassware
  • Durable Glass washing Bristles for long function.
  • Suitable for Cleaning baby bottles, sports bottles, wine cups, coffee cups, beer players, vases or coffee pots, pitchers.
  • Perfect brush for commercial Bar or home bar.
  • Triple glass rinsing and scrubbing
  • Has Three brushes that can clean both inner and outer walls of the glass at the same time from both sides
  • Made in India