Under Counter Glass Washer – LXI With Water Softener

Clean dishes efficiently with a space-saving commercial under counter glass washer. Most of the dining facilities, prefers Under counter glass washer because it speed up and enhance the cleaning tasks. Due to compact size and low height, it is perfect to use.

This glass washer includes 35×35 cm stack-able baskets that allow you to easily clean a large amount of glassware with each cycle.

The glass washer guarantee effective sanitation because it ensures staff and customers are protected against transferable viruses. It is an energy-saving wash pump and is use to preserve energy and reduce water consumption during operation and cleaning procedures.

The under counter glass washer has removable wash and rinse arms which maintain optimum hygiene. This dishwasher features a built-in water softener to reduce limescale and other contaminants which can damage commercial dishwashers over time.

Other options are also available


  • Made of 100% stainless steel 304
  • Suitable for those places that require washing large amounts of glasses and beer mugs.
  • Smooth surfaces and a fully pressed wash tank with rounded corners
  • Double skinned construction
  • Easily wash/rinse arms and nozzles
  • Low noise level
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Reduce staff training times
  • Eliminate user error during the unit operation and cleaning procedures
  • Automatic chemical dosing system to prevent under or over dosing of the glass washer
  • 2 liter per cycle water consumption to save energy, water, and utility bills
  • Full filtration system to make sure that the best quality water is used while process.
  • Removable anti-block wash and rinse arms for ease of maintenance and access, and optimum hygiene
  • Compact design to save on space in the kitchen, while also providing plenty of utility
  • Time-saving machine because it take just 2 minutes to complete each cycle.
  • Ideal for use in hard water areas because it has water softener