Solution for Soda Packaging

Solution for Soda Packaging

The Solution for Soda Packaging is a technique utilizing kegs to allow you to transport soda anywhere. One of the most important processes in the manufacture and distribution of soda is packaging. We are all aware that different kegs can be used to store soda. Here, we’ll go over everything.


1. Stainless Steel Kegs:

Krome Dispense is a large manufacturing facility that produces kegs with the best materials possible in a range of capacities and sizes. These kegs are more appropriate for packaging soda. A single stainless steel keg is able to be used for about 30 years before needing to be recycled entirely. Krome Kegs made of stainless steel 304 provide unrivaled hygiene standards. These kegs protect your soda from corrosion, airborne contaminants, and UV rays. You can keep your soda for a long time in this keg, making it more useful for special occasions like parties and wedding receptions.

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Available in Different Sizes:

2. Ball Lock Kegs


In addition, there is another way to keep your soda fresh for a long time, and that is with Ball Lock Kegs, another kind of keg. Our ball lock kegs are available in a variety of sizes and styles and used mainly as Soda kegs. Ball Lock Keg is built from sturdy stainless steel.. It comes with a rubber bottom and a top metal strap handle.

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Available in Different Sizes:

3. One-way PET Kegs

Moreover, our newly launched Krome One-way PET Keg is also cheaper and the best way to store your soda. This is a unique solution for Soda Packaging, which can, for example, through construction’s light weight, results in less material use during production and also saves on keg logistics and recyclable materials. Filling this out manually is possible and is simple. Krome One-way PET Keg  is easy to handle. This comes in various sizes and is suitable for use in restaurants, bars, and pubs.

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