Glass Washing for breweries and bars


Believe it or not, the foggy film you get on your glass due to fingerprints can be removed with a simple scrubbing! The Manual Brush Glass Washer is especially effective for cleaning anything that cannot be washed by hands – like sealed lenses or touch screens.

The Benefits of Manual Glass Washing

If you haven’t switched to manual brush glass washing, now is the time. The benefits are plenty. The Manual Brush Glass Washer is designed to save you time, energy, and money. The brush bristles will scrub the glass clean while the water pressure rinses it off. Now you can enjoy a fresh sparkling glass anytime! It is a great alternative to the traditional dishwasher when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your glasses in an eco-friendly and safe way. It can be used for both delicate and rough glasses.

How to Clean with a Brush Glass Washer

This manual glass washer has a suction base that allows you to easily attach it to your sink and scrub your glasses thoroughly. The three replaceable nylon brushes grip your glassware firmly to clean it and remove any residue.

Final Thoughts

Considering the fact that it saves your time and energy I wholeheartedly recommend you finally make the switch to a manual glass washer.