Draft Beer Dispensing Tower by Krome Dispense

Draft Beer Dispensing tower is the main attraction of any bar. We at Krome Dispense can customize Draft Dispensing Towers as per your Bar Interior design or theme, we have a long experience working together with customers around the globe and their teams, bar designers, and consultants to Build Unique Towers as per their Imagination!

Krome beer dispenser tower series comes only in multi-tap variety starting from 1 faucet and going up to as many as 24 faucets and in finishes of – Polished stainless, Brushed stainless and Brushed copper with Flow Control Taps which allow complete control of beer flow adjustment and also creates less foam in the glass. Also comes with medallions at the top and illumination features that add charm to the entire set-up and the Glycol recirculation Loop+ cooling technology is best for long drawn systems. You can choose your tower as per your requirement.