Portable Glass Washer For Bar Kitchen Sink

SKU: C40001-OV


Portable Glass Washer For Bar Kitchen Sink

Compact glass washer installs easily with no plumbing or electrical modifications needed and reduces your operating costs by only using cold water for wash and rinse.

Compact Glass Washer is a portable glass washer to rinse every glass with fresh water in a post wash container or with open rinsing (depending on the model) . Water is used at the time of rinsing . Clearly, this is a perfect and good choice to meet any kitchen needs because Glass Washer installs easily into with no plumbing or electrical. In fact it reduces your costs, using cold water for wash and rinse. Perfectly designed parts for perfect results after each wash. In addition, no more space is require. 100% cleaning of oil residues.

We have a Glass washer cleaning Tablet which is use to clean your glass washer. Disassembles easily for cleaning.

Non aggressive glass-wash tablets & cleansing agents sterilize the glasses. Portable glass-washer removes grease easily. There is no need of electricity. Portable, economical & effective.

The trio of removable nylon brushes hold firm to get your glassware clean and remove any debris. Furthermore, it is a Manual Brush Glass Washer that features a suction base to firmly attach it to your sink so you can scrub your glasses quickly and thoroughly.

There are some other options:


  • PERFECT GLASS WASHING: Uses no electricity and little water, Easy to reach even difficult corners of drinkware and the powerful spray nozzle washes away all residue.Perfect washing performance with cold water! The pitcher rinses won’t broke the glass and could clean the lipstick and other besmirch easily and clearly!
  • COUNTER TOP: Clean water rinse for each glass. Mounts on a standard counter top hole.
  • NON-COMMERCIAL USE: For non-commercial use. Useful to rinse a wide variety of cups, bottles, and glasses. Water savings up to 70% compared to common manual washing in a sink
  • SAVE TIME: Perfect as a backup or additional washing capability during exceptionally busy periods or even outside catering.